Group packaging machine

Fully Automatic group packaging machine for manufacturing parcels in kraft paper from the reel, type S2


Advantages of our Technology:

  • Fully automatic, simple stable construction, high output, quiet in operation, easy access, high operating efficiency.

  • Unique fully automatic height-adjustment and paper-length compensation device with pack-height sensing upon discharge an electronic trend control.

  • An unparalleled arresting device with re-track on infeed guarantees fault-free transfer and collating of the individual packs.

  • A separate roller-block with roll-lifter and driven unwinding of the paper sheets, can be placed on any of the four sides of the machine according to space availability.

  • Every conceivable type of individual pack, made of carton, paper, film or plastic and containing an infinite variety of type and size of product, can be packed in paper parcels.

  • Further technical details regarding the machine which is best suited to your requirements, are available upon request.