Fully-automated universal palletizer

Any types of packaging and sizes can be palletized, e.g. cardboard packages and boxes, soft-packs in paper or film, tray or shrink-wrap packaging, crates with and without stacking lugs, bags with and without bag fins, pillow bags, sacks, etc.

Various pallet sizes can be loaded:

  • 1000 x 1200 mm industrial pallets
  • 800 x 1200 mm Euro pallets
  • 800 x 600 mm Dusseldorf pallets
  • 400 x 600 mm 1/4 pallets
  • Roll pallets
  • Chep pallets
  • Pallets in special sizes, such as UK and US pallets
    as 40" x 48", 42" x 42", ...


The speeds of our pallet systems are adapted to meet our customers' requirements.
6 palletizer types are available - from ROBI I, ROBI II, ROBI III, ROBI IV, ROBI V to ROBI VI - these can be used to palletize a wide range of products and offer a range of different speeds from 300 to 6,000 packs per hour. Our range also features high-speed palletizers.



The ROBI IV-E can palletize single packs, such as 1 kg sugar or 1 kg flour packs with a speed of up to 8,400 single packs per hour, whereby all packages are fed via a conveyor and are rotated via a special rotary device as they go through the machine.



The ROBI IV-E can also be used for multipacks.

The ROBI IV is a sack palletizer which has been especially designed for larger sacks.
The largest formats are 400 x 800 mm and must not exceed a sack weight of 50 kg. The palletizer is constructed on the basis of the performance specifications.

The following makes our technology distinctive:

  • Low construction height - the lowest pallet running height is 100 mm, making it possible to dispose of pallets using a hand pallet truck. The pallet running height is usually adapted to the local circumstances.
  • Space-saving, sturdy construction.
  • High speed, ultra- low noise running.
  • Low operating costs.
  • The conveyor with length compensation brings the multipacks in any manoeuvring and deposit height.
  • A paternoster can also be used as an alternative to a conveyor with length compensation. This collects the packages from one station and places them on each of the deposit heights. This system can also be used to transport packages even over a larger height distance without needing a large space requirement.
  • Fully-automatic later centering and -restriction requires that the layers are always placed above the centre of the pallets..
  • Pallets are stored using our 2-piece deposit sheet.
  • Freely-programmable electronic control unit with SIEMENS operator panel, or, alternatively, a touch panel which displays error messages and can be used to quickly switch between programmes. At the same time, this operator panel can be used to change the palletizer schemes or to create new pallet schemes.
  • Maintenance-friendly construction, i.e. movements in ball bearings, ball guides, high-pressure layers on hardened shafts, meaning that lubrication is not needed except for the maintenance of chains and chain tensioners.
  • The fully-automated conversion from one layer image to another and a wide range of packaging sizes is possible on our machines from the operator panel without problem. You can save up to 300 different formats upon request.


Our delivery programme for the palletizer is as follows:

  • Transport belts of various types and sizes
  • Conveyor belt with and without length compensation
  • Automatic pallet changer
  • Turntable for manoeuvring the single packs
  • Servo-driven turntable for all kinds of packaging up to a speed of 50 / min
  • Automatic pallet magazine for 15 empty pallets
  • Automatic paper or cardboard inserters
  • Lift with turntable
  • Pallet turntable
  • full pallet lifting device for 2 pallets on top of each other
  • Pallet lifting device for 2 half pallets on a support pallet
  • Paternoster with pusher
  • empty- and full pallet converter, and pallet turntables
  • Storage places for complete pallets

complete machines, and much more

Additional extra devices are made to order at the customer's request.

ROBI IV palletizer
with rotating devices for single packs

ROBI II mit Einlaufband

When people ask us how we have managed to stay at the top in Europe for over three decades, it is very easy for us to answer: Our ROBI range of palletizers offers a diversity which leaves little left to be desired with a quality which sets and meets European standards. We have thus laid the foundations for more efficiency in automation.

We have launched a new development for palletizing single packs, especially for our customers from the flour and sugar industries, which features a single-track package feed yet which takes up a small space but still provides high speeds. The packages are fed into our pulse conveyor after already being placed on a single track. From here they are placed on the rotary device in cycles. Using the pre-defined programming, they are then turned 90 to the left, 90 to the right, and 180 before being fed onto the storage conveyor belt, from where they are moved to the deposit sheet.

Another advantage of this system is that the packages do not get handled during the rotation meaning it is also not possible to deform them.
A separate palletizer scheme can be defined for each type when using different fill heights for different products. In other words, so that the operator only needs to define a scheme once for each type and can select the appropriate scheme using the selector switch. At the same time, the single pack rotary device can be used as a means of transporting the multipacks, which can then be rotated on the classic static turntable using the pre-defined programme. The operator panel is used to switch between the different rotary directions. This is fixed in the scheme.

ROBI II mit Einlaufband

As well as this new development, you can also add other of our standard components to the palletizer, e.g. a paper inserter, a tray folding apparatus for pallet trays, pallet magazines for various pallet sizes, pallet conveyor systems, and more besides.

PDFbrochure palletizer with rotating devices for single packs (Download PDF 1MB)

ROBI IV palletizer with integrated tray folding apparatus for pallets

ROBI II mit Einlaufband

Particularly with customers with sensitive pallet materials in mind, we have launched a new palletizing development which provides improved protection to the packages during transport and storage - a 200 mm high pallet tray.
This new development was requested by retailers. The single pack pallets have since been fitted with a protective floor with folded down edge or a protective floor and a paperboard sleeve. However, most customers have for the future requested a tray with a height of 200 mm around the pallet which is retained even after the film has been removed and as a result, the edges need to be glued.

Thanks to our development, it is now possible to manufacture the product in a tray with glued corners which provides protection for the packaging. Both EURO pallets and the individual half pallets are equipped with a tray with a height of up to 200 mm all the way around. Pallets can also be manufactured with protective floors or pallets with extra surfaces on the palletizer so that all withdraw mechanisms can handled.

The global innovation is our ability to
integrate the tray folding apparatus into the
palletizer so that folding, gluing and pressing
of the tray is done at the same time as the
pallets are loaded layer by layer.
Without additional time and large
requirement, the fully-laden pallets leave
the machine placed upright in trays.

ROBI II mit Einlaufband

ROBI II mit Einlaufband

  Since the tray folding apparatus cannot be integrated
  in all of our palletizers without some adjustment
  being necessary, a second possibility consists of
  installing a tray folding station behind the palletizer.

One possible installation of the ROBI IV palletizer with integrated tray folding apparatus, with a single pack rotary device as shown in this example.

ROBI II mit Einlaufband

Alongside this new development, you can also equip the palletizer with additional standard components from our range, such as e.g. a single-track rotary device for high speeds, paper inserters, pallet magazines for various pallet sizes, pallet conveyor system(s), and more besides.

brochure palletizer tray folder apparatus (Download PDF 1MB)

More technical information about the machines you will reach after your request, specially optimized of your needs.