Future palletizers will be 100% fully-automatic

When people ask us how we have managed to remain number 1 in Europe for over three decades, it is very easy for us to give a response: Our ROBI range of palletizers offers a range of features that leaves little left to be desired, with a quality which meets and sets European standards. We have thus laid the foundations for more efficiency in automation.

ROBI II mit Einlaufband



To perfect our palletizer further, we have developed an electronic control unit based on the Siemens PLC for our range of ROBI palletizers which allows you to select all functions of the machine individually from the MP operator panel and to create new palletizer schemes for a modified or new product, even without needing long training. This means you have even more flexibility and are no longer dependent on a special device when making modifications to a palletizer scheme.


Come see for yourself our new pallet generation at our production plant in Fellbach. We would love to see you there.


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